My Scale Social Review And Info

In this Scale social review, I’m going to show you our new software that’s going to simplify the way your customers watch videos online by ranking them on Googles first page regardless of whether they are offline or online. Scale social is a tool that is web-based, that allows users to get the most important and social signals to their YouTube videos. The users benefit from, Google shares, Google Plus 1’s, Facebook likes and shares.

Your customers can add their video URL and get real shares with likes from the community almost instantly. We have made you a software that is credit-based, but your customer where customers will be able to earn credit by participating in community.

This software monitoring tool helps social media teams, sales teams in your company turn marketing campaigns into valuable social conversation with qualified leads. The sales department can make decisions according to the feedback they get from the customers, this increases the value of product or review services the company provide.


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Scale Social Review

More on this Scale Social Review. While filling your content or promoting campaign calendar, The software will help you queue, schedule and advertise content across all your social media channels. It helps you get immediate feedback when introducing new products to the market. ScaleSocial will let you schedule for campaigns across every networks as well. Once you make YouTube videos with your products, ScaleSocial will guarantee you more YouTube views and your customers can easily share your videos across various social media sites.

This software will help get a good return on your social media marketing then send the report to your email. Return on investment (ROI) is the return of your profits and let me tell you in this review, you will get returns! A high ROI means the investment gains compare favorably to investment cost. As a performance measure, ROI is used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment, to compare the efficiency of a number of different investments. Scale social will analyze your ROI in social media marketing and measure the returns you get then send it straight to your e-mail, You will decide whether lost money or made money.

This platform monitors reviews for users on local directories such as Google Local, Yel, Citysearch. The software will contain all the reviews from all the directories.

ScaleSocial is a web-based program, it’s accessible through desktop or mobile. Desktop users can access YouTube videos and rank using the OTO 2 software version. Sharing the videos on Facebook and Google is simple using OTO 1 software. Companies can make a decision according to the number of views they get on their videos. ScaleSocial has made various improvements on their web-based program, it can be accessible online or offline.

The program offers Facebook video sharing and customers can offer views . My Social Signal review shows that this is desktop friendly and easy to use. Users can watch videos via desktop, but there are some limitations on what they can do on mobile. The platform has s very important feature that makes it easy for users to navigate through the content they wish to find. It’s clear that this company sees desktop users important that’s why they will keep on making future improvements.

A lot of big brands are using because it to helped them setup a landing page. The landing pages show how many likes the video has, the number of views it has or the number of Facebook shares.

The convenience of Scale Social is what makes it easy to use and is easily accessible to huge users. The platforms videos will not require high end amazing production values or high tech equipment to produce. Anyone who owns a good Android device or iPhone device or camera can broadcast and will actually get a decent number of views. The users can easily get more traffic on their videos.

The decision to run a web-based program has a lot of similarities to other social media platforms. Many apps are designed for mobile users, the desktop users are deliberately excluded. This is in immediate contrast to a few years ago when people mostly used desktop and WAP was something which was offered as highly limited ways of getting web traffic. The software has taken this into consideration and built a high end program that is accessible for both desktop and mobile users.

In this ScaleSocial review, desktop usage is unlikely to die soon. Using the  desktop version is easier for customers to watch your videos in this website and share them to various social media platforms. The software will have a significant growth on the marketing community, it will help users to push their content far beyond the reach of their network and websites.

Having a great relationship with your customers and serving them well is the best part of any companies strategic plan. According to the statistics Scale Social will do a great job in helping companies and users take their business to the next level. Customers will use it as a fully integrated social marketing platform. It will helps users to share content to various social media platforms. We also have a video scale social review below.

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Final Conclusion


Well, what a writeup? I gave this program a 4.8 because they simply didn't bring it out fast enough! It's just amazing. I wish they brought it out years ago. Do yourself a favour and get this NOW. I'm serious this thing can really push signals and bring you in lot's of leads. This will generate you money! This is a serious product and a serious review. Get you hands on this now!